Project Description

JULY 2013

Case Notes: This month’s case was a 12-year-old warmblood gelding that came up 4/5 lame left hind (LH) following turnout. The lameness blocked 50% with an a baxial block, and 50% with medial compartment anesthesia of the left stifle. Radiographs of the left stifle and LH foot were unremarkable. Nuclear Scintigraphy revealed Increased Radiopharmaceutical Uptake (IRU) in the medial quarter of P3. Hind fetlock images are included right.
Diagnostics: An ultrasound examination of the stifle showed synovial effusion and an injury to the medial meniscus. The arrows point to hypo-echoic area of injured medial meniscus in the left hind (below).

Diagnosis: A standing MRI of the LH foot revealed a fracture of the medial wing of P3 which was not visible on digital x-ray. The fracture can be clearly seen on the images below. The horse was treated with the application of a bar shoe, and is currently on stall rest.