The only thing you need to do for an MRI is to have front or hind shoes removed depending on whether we are studying the front or hind. Ask your farrier to make all effort not to break off any clenches or leave metal in your horse’s hoof walls. We will be taking survey X-rays of your horse’s feet to make sure no metal has been left behind prior to the conduction of the MRI study. Your horse can eat as normally the night before and morning of the study, as no anesthesia is being performed
Your horse should arrive at our facility by 8 am the day his MRI study is to be conducted. If special arrangements need to be made, please contact the imaging center well in advance of the study.
You should bring billing information including payment (cash or credit card), contact information, and billing address if this information has not been called in previous to the appointment.
In most MRI cases you should plan for your horse to be with us for the day. This is because there will be prep time, scanning time, and time to allow your horse to wake up from sedation. You will be called by a member of our staff when your horse is ready to be picked up. We close at 5pm, and you should plan to have your horse picked up no later than at that time. Occasionally, when a horse needs multiple areas studied, it will be necessary for him to stay overnight.
In most cases, your horse will be sedated with the same drugs that would be given if it was necessary to clip him or perform dental procedures.
Your horse’s MRI will be electronically sent to our consulting radiologist, who is specialized in reading these images. They in turn will write a description of their findings and we will prepare a final report that will be sent to your veterinarian. In most cases, this will be done via email. Our average report time to your veterinarian is 1-2 business days. Depending on your veterinarian’s preferences, we can also send the studies to whomever they prefer. In those cases, official results can take longer, depending on the case and number of people involved.

Once results are acquired, we immediately contact your veterinarian. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any further questions or concerns regarding our facility; however, specific questions regarding your horse should be directed to your veterinarian, as he/she is the one most closely involved with your horse’s work-up.

Please contact our office for fee estimates.
All charges must be settled prior to your horse being discharged from our facility. This may be accomplished by cash or credit card (visa, MasterCard, American Express).